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What is the Blog All About

I will, from time to time, publish thoughts pertaining to constitutional or criminal law.  Most are written by me; some might be especially important contributions from other posts and writers.  I welcome your thoughts and input, provided they are tasteful.  I don't care if you agree or disagree with me, but I don't want you to be disagreeable in your exposition.

Trump's Success the Product of Political Ignorance?

George Mason University law professor and legal scholar Ilya Somin has postulated that Donald Trump's signficant successes in the presidential election polls is due to political ignorance on the part of the electorate, and he has presented his position here:

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ACLU Finally Enters Traffic Court "Bail" Scam Arena ========================== That is a fight that I have been making for many years.  In Riverside County, the traffic judges demand “bail,” without a finding of flight risk, of all pro per ar...

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Cops Lie and Plant Evidence

I have said this for years, sometimes to the outraged condemnation of police groupies and pissed-off cops, but now a cop himself says what I could not say better nor more effectively.  Does this mean all cops are bad?  No; many are good.  But the presumption that a cop is truthful merely because ...

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Why Do Innocent People Plead Guilty?

The Public in general, being a self-righteous and moralistic bunch, does not want to believe that innocent people ever get convicted in the system that we boast to the world to be the best and the one right-thinking people should emulate, and they especially do not believe that rational people wo...

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Politics of Drunk Driving

There is no area of the law in the modern era that is more driven by political pressures and agendas than the area of drunk driving. [I had one judge who was apoplectic about my mentioning the term "drunk driving," because the statutory offense is "driving under the influence of alcohol," not "dr...

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