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What is the Blog All About

I will, from time to time, publish thoughts pertaining to constitutional or criminal law.  Most are written by me; some might be especially important contributions from other posts and writers.  I welcome your thoughts and input, provided they are tasteful.  I don't care if you agree or disagree with me, but I don't want you to be disagreeable in your exposition.

Why Do Innocent People Plead Guilty?

The Public in general, being a self-righteous and moralistic bunch, does not want to believe that innocent people ever get convicted in the system that we boast to the world to be the best and the one right-thinking people should emulate, and they especially do not believe that rational people wo...

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Politics of Drunk Driving

There is no area of the law in the modern era that is more driven by political pressures and agendas than the area of drunk driving. [I had one judge who was apoplectic about my mentioning the term "drunk driving," because the statutory offense is "driving under the influence of alcohol," not "dr...

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NHTSA Cues of a Drunk Driver

Ever wonder what the cops are looking for when they stop a person for suspected drunk driving?  There are 24 cues that NHTSA teaches the police to look for; one that is missing is significant: The Visual Detection of DWI Motorists NHTSA 24 Driving Cues   DWI DETECTION GUIDE =============...

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Fido is a Farce

There was this police dog.  The courts were repeatedly told that he was a wonderful and reliable drug sniffing canine, and he sported a badge.  He had been in loyal and “effective” service for a few years, with a reputation based on cops' representations spreading far and wide.  We'll call him “F...

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