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Caveat Emptor

One of the first legal concepts preached to a student of the law is that of caveat emptor, loosely translated: "let the buyer beware."  Yet, it amazes those of us who are established in the profession that so many lawyers' websites fail to contain such cautionary language to forewarn consumers of the fictions created therein.

Those websites supply a profusion of information and narrative presentations, ostensibly for you to use to teach yourself the law, as though reading them would supply you with enough information to understand the nuances of criminal and constitutional law, and of forensic science.   That is nonsense.

Those sites subliminally suggest “see all this daunting stuff; intimidating, huh? We know all that stuff and we'll use it for you.” Most of the time, those attorneys have never read the content of the sites they publish nor information they supply you, and, frankly, many do not understand it themselves. Moreover, you presumably are not looking for an attorney to teach you to do your own case; you are looking for a lawyer to handle the matter for you and for your needs. I can and do, and with unsurpassed effectiveness.  And I am not going to teach you to do stuff - my role is to teach judges and prosecutors, not clients.

What I have observed on those sites, and in some yellow pages ads, are assertions that the attorneys are "aggressive."  I am amused to note that more than half of the attorneys who promise to be "aggressive" are sometimes just that, but not in the direction you might think or want: they aggressively con their clients, on a regular basis, to accept plea bargains, instead of aggressively fighting against those who are oppressing the clients or their loved ones.  Don't be deluded into thinking "aggressive" means fighting for you; it might mean fighting against you, if you choose the wrong attorney.  With me, you will have made the best choice [as even those other types of attorneys would grudgingly concede].  You will have the best choice, because I will aggressively push against government, with scholarship and experience, to give you a better outcome than any other attorney you might consult.  This is a mission for me, not merely a job.

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