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Timothy Nilan, Criminal Defense Attorney in Downey, CA:

I've seen some of the motion work he has done. I have seen him at seminars he's given for attorneys. I have heard about his results from fellow attorneys. He may seem eccentric at times. But no one in the criminal defense business, including judges, and of course DA's, and including the "criminal law specialists," know their stuff like this man. Anyone who is not aware of that, including judges, and opposing prosecutors, learn that REAL fast. My endorsement for Mr. Kennedy is one word: Amazing.


Nicholas Loncar, Criminal Defense Attorney in Studio City, CA:

Michael Kennedy is in a class of his own as a criminal defense attorney in Southern California. His zeal in fighting for the constitutional freedoms our founders envisioned is UNMATCHED, and I envy and admire his incredible ability to do so. I endorse this lawyer.


Justin Tabayoyon, Criminal Defense Attorney in Walnut Creek, CA:

I found Mr. Kennedy's "Ruminations on Motions" from a seminar and sample motions online while doing some research. After reading his material, I'm thoroughly convinced this man is a champion of liberty and the constitution. His writing skills are impressive.


James Dicks, Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego, CA:

I endorse this lawyer.This lawyer has an expertise in DUI defense. By attending DUI seminars throughout the year to keep up on the latest in the law, field sobriety testing, blood testing, and breath testing, this attorney is an asset to the clients. I endorse this lawyer.


Mark McDonald, Criminal Defense Attorney in San Bernardino, CA:

I have known Michael for about 24 years, I opposed him when I was a prosecutor, and have seen him perform hundreds of times. Michael is legendary in the legal community. Referred to as "Captain Motion," Michael's research and writing skills are second to none. But, he is equally skilled within the courtroom. He is afraid of nothing, and never gives up. Hire Michael, I would


John Stanko, DUI / DWI Attorney in San Rafael, CA:

I endorse this lawyer. Michael Kennedy is one of the most respected constitutional lawyers in the State of California. Captain Motion as he is known is a knowledgeable scholar and sought after speaker and consultant. Anyone arrested for DUI in Palm Springs, Riverside or anywhere in the Inland Empire is doing a disservice to himself if he does not contact Michael Kennedy immediately.


Kiarash Feyzjou, Criminal Defense Attorney in Riverside, CA:

Michael Kennedy is an icon in the legal community. His research and writing skills have earned him the title of "Captain Motion". He is the consummate lawyer's lawyer. I highly recommend him.


William "Bubba" Head, DUI / DWI Attorney in Atlanta, Fulton County, GA:

Michael Kennedy is the most tenacious lawyer in America when it comes to filing and fighting pre-trial motions in criminal cases. That is why he is nationally known as CAPTAIN MOTION. If you are in criminal trouble, this is YOUR GUY.


David Swanson, Criminal Defense Attorney in Newport Beach, CA:

Michael is a fantastic lawyer. I have referred clients to him and they were delighted with his work. I would highly recommend him.


Christopher Parkhurst, DUI / DWI Attorney in Sacramento, CA:

Mr. Kennedy is a practicing scholar: fearless, relentless, and unyielding in the defense of his clients and the constitution. Experienced DUI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys across the state turn to him for insight, strategies and ideas. I strongly endorse him.


Greg Hill, Criminal Defense Attorney in Torrance, CA:

You really can't get a much better lawyer than Michael Kennedy. He is truly in the top 1/10 of one percent of criminal defense lawyers. He is devoted to staying current on the law, generous with his time and a fierce, fierce advocate. I have called him up repeatedly and he has been unfailingly helpful. Perhaps what sets Michael apart, however, is his grasp of the subtleties of the law, his mastery of a wide variety of negotiation techniques and how best to present a motion to the court. If you want the best criminal defense attorney, Michael is the man. If I were a prosecutor facing Michael, I would be concerned I were about to be embarrassed.


Edgar Reynoso, DUI / DWI Attorney in Newport Beach, CA:

I endorse this lawyer's work. Michael defends the US Constitution one case at a time. It's not just a tag-line. It is his mission, and he takes his duty and obligations to his clients seriously. He is a zealous advocate in the courtroom and has an excellent string of victories under his belt. I recommend and endorse him without any reservation.

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