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Fiction: You Are Defenseless, So Plead Guilty

Many attorneys take a fee but fail, or will refuse, to fight for their clients, only to tell them later, “You don't have any defense, plead guilty.”  Many clients tell me they have been so counseled, and I have heard it myself.  This fiction is often espoused in drunk driving litigation, where it is urged that DUI's are statistically dangerous, or that they cannot readily be defended in court.  Both are false.  There are manifold problems with the initial police contact with motorists suspected of drunk driving, and then with the collection of evidence, and then with the preservation and processing of evidence, and then with the proper introduction of it in sufficient quantities in court.

There is much to fight against a drunk driving accusation, no matter how bad the numbers superficially appear to be.  Don't be fooled. Similar issues are involved in all other sorts of cases; there is virtually no set of facts or circumstances that cannot be made better for you, even if not disposed of outright, if you have the proper and effective representation.

And just as there are many things to fight in drunk driving cases, there are even more to fight in other sorts of criminal matters.  Do not cave in because of what you think the strength or weakness of the evidence is, because it is generally something other than your perceptions.

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