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What is the Blog All About

I will, from time to time, publish thoughts pertaining to constitutional or criminal law.  Most are written by me; some might be especially important contributions from other posts and writers.  I welcome your thoughts and input, provided they are tasteful.  I don't care if you agree or disagree with me, but I don't want you to be disagreeable in your exposition.

Jury Nullification; It is Not, and It is So Much More

Jury nullification is meaningless, and what people erroneously think is meant by the term is a fundamental and legitimate power of the people, regardless of naysaying by judges and prosecutors - and their naysaying is precisely why the citizens have that power! Neither judges nor prosecutors can negate what the Framers have granted.

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Beware Coachella and other Festivals: Be Not a Victim

Some of the biggest opportunities for local law enforcement to collect their Block Grant Graft, paid to them by Sacramento for busting people, are the biggie music fests here, Coachella Fest, and Stagecoach, the White Party, and various other Festivals. Undercover officers will sidle up to unsus...

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Evolving Qualified Immunity

One of the great evils in the American constitutional constellation is the doctrine of immunity from liability of governmental actors for their official conduct, and it is largely manufactured. The Framers, determined to set up a system in which no person could escape accountability for his/her ...

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