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Time Tested Advice

Again, and naggingly, in thousands and thousands of cases I have handled, it has never, ever helped a person, not once, to blab to the cops or to allow them to search. Only those with a suicide or masochistic wish, or with a pathological desire for institutionalization, would talk to the cops or would voluntarily allow them to search, and the self-protection that I urge, and that the Founders expected, is not because “you have something to hide,” but because the scheme we have set up, and shed blood for, requires the government to carry all the burden, and without your willing assistance. Be clear: I am not saying to lie to the cops; cops can get away with lying [thanks to their pals in the Courts]; you and I cannot.  I am advising you to say nothing, not to say a distruth. I am advising you to not allow searches. I am advising you to stand by the principles which animated many wars and caused the shedding of much blood. We are a nation that was "conceived in Liberty," not in an expansion of government power.

Don't open the barn door of Liberty and let loose its contents and then expect others to round up and corral the fruits of your recklessness. [Pardon the mixed metaphor!]

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