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Trump's Success the Product of Political Ignorance?

George Mason University law professor and legal scholar Ilya Somin has postulated that Donald Trump's significant successes in the presidential election polls is due to political ignorance on the part of the electorate, and he has presented his position here:

Professor Somin does not think that Trump will be nominated as the Republican candidate.

There is much political ignorance among the populace, and some downright stupidity [which is different from political ignorance], but it is not all that clear that such is the cause of Trump's successes, and there is more than a bit of snooty elitism among those who are disturbed by the success. Political elitism was evicted from these shores in 1776.

I shall expand later, but I think there is a far greater chance that Trump will be elected than Professor Somin believes [maybe has has wishful thinking to the contrary which is driving his analysis].

Michael Kennedy

Admitted to Bar, State of California, 1981 Education: Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania (B.A., 1970) Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles, California (J.D., Scale, 1981) Harvard Law School, Program of Instruction for Lawyers, Cambridge, 1987


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