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Criminal Defense Attorney Indio: Homicides, Sexual Assaults, DUI's/DWI's, Misdemeanors and Felonies.

Finding and working with the appropriate lawyer can be a daunting task, because, as you have discovered, there is a glut of attorneys out there, and as a law-abiding citizen, you are new to this field. But here’s the good news: that task is now over. You have come to the right place.

Mr. Kennedy is a recognized expert in all areas of criminal law, from the lowest grade misdemeanor to the most serious felony. His successes and reputation are second to none in the geographical regions in which he practices and lectures.

One area that has especially drawn Mr. Kennedy’s attention over the years is drunk driving defense, DUI, DWI, etc. Unlike most criminal law matters, DUIs are a political crime. They are pressed by government largely in service to the political agenda of neo-prohibitionist groups like “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers,” who are largely working from the “Women’s Christian Temperance Union” playbook that resulted in the passage of the 18th Amendment, which gave us Prohibition.

DUI Attorney Indio

Politics drive DUI cases, making them the most difficult of all to defend, which is a challenge to which Mr. Kennedy has risen with unsurpassed success. Indeed, that is partially why the California DUI Lawyers Association bestowed their coveted “Eddie,” the “Lifetime Achievement Award,” on him in 2011-2012. One can be effective in other criminal law matters without being effective in DUI defense; one who is effective in DUI defense is axiomatically effective in all other criminal law matters.  Mr. Kennedy is effective in all areas. Dui Attorney Indio.

Mr. Kennedy has over 31 years of legal practice, most of which is in criminal and constitutional law.  

Mr. Kennedy, a former long-time deputy public defender, has far more experience and scholarship than is necessary to obtain the misunderstood advertising gimmick of "criminal law specialist" too often bandied about, and he has handled every sort of criminal law matter, both in the trial courts and in the appeals courts.  Indeed, the highest form of praise for an attorney, the thing that shows his true worth and credentials and merit, is if he is invited by his peers and professional training organizations to teach his fellow professionals. Mr. Kennedy has been invited by professional organizations and lawyer groups to teach at various continuing legal education venues throughout the country and the State of California for over two decades, far more than any other attorney in the Inland Empire, and his scholarly materials are effectively used by lawyers far and wide.  There is no greater credit to a lawyer than that, and you can find no greater, nor more effective, counselor or defender for whatever criminal law matter might be besetting you or your loved ones than Michael J. Kennedy.

The mission of this firm is to provide clients with the highest level of personal and professional service to protect their liberties from overweening government, and thereby to preserve the values undergirding the founding of the Republic. Mr. Kennedy strives to give real, non-reactionary meaning to the concept of a government of laws. It is to be recalled that the primary law to be enforced in this Republic is the Constitution, and Mr. Kennedy’s personal and professional calling is to enforce the Constitution against those in government who have an interest in its obliteration. We have sworn to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and it does not overstate the case to suggest that there are far more domestic enemies of our fundamental charter and liberties than foreign ones.
There is a common misconception among critics of this craft that defense attorneys “represent” or “defend” “criminals.” We defend the Constitution against its attempted dismantlement by those who would concentrate in themselves expanding power at the expense of your and our liberty. We assist and counsel those accused of crimes, and we force the government to negotiate the complex path that the Constitution and laws require before a lawful guilty verdict could properly be returned, and no attorney is more effective nor more forceful in requiring the government to leap through all of the hoops that the Framers have erected than is Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy is like John Adams, the founder of American conservatism, when he aggressively represented the British Red Coats who were accused of firing on the colonists at Bunker Hill; he was not “defending criminals.” He was defending the same long-established values that later became enshrined in the Constitution, thus assuring that the rest of us would enjoy a robust rule of law. You will see how valuable to your liberty Mr. Kennedy’s doggedness when you read his blog commentary discussing all aspects of the criminal justice system and government misconduct.  Mr. Kennedy stands at the gate so that none of us gets pushed to the brink of the abyss.

As noted before, Mr. Kennedy’s area of unsurpassed expertise is criminal and constitutional law [including DUI],criminal defense attorney for both adults and juveniles. He does not pretend to have expertise in any other area, and he will not bloviate on matters in other areas as too many inexpert attorneys do in criminal law areas, and if your issue is outside of that chosen area of expertise, we will make reasonable efforts to get you connected up with the appropriate practitioner at, of course, no cost for the referral. Need a DUI attorney in Indio or a criminal defense attorney in Indio you have found the right attorney.


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